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Easy to disassemble- assemble, just four parts
kinetic The Kinetic drive is an inertial system. It’s strong with steel locking lugs of inertia rotating head, simple as three main parts bolt body, spring and rotating head. The kinetic drive keeps clean as the gas, smoke and burnt powders from mechanism are ejected out of the mechanism and barrel. The system is lighter and faster than other operating systems, offers to lightest and balanced shootings. Mechanism operates with any type of load, and under all conditions of weather, temperature or moisture. removable The new Removable Trigger System® reveals the difference one step ahead among its product group. It offers an easy cleaning facility and always the best safety system at home, in office or in car. It can be disassembled and assembled with a simple push in shooting or standing without any tool. Its feature is only a part of success. Push and Safe mara With contributions of kinetic drive inertial system and aesthetic design it’s the best combination between weight and balance. The grip and forehand is designed with ergonomic and comfort lines to place your hand. It gives an extra control on gun in shooting. easyload A special trigger group design and larger loading port offers an easy loading steel Steel shot shotgun type testing 12GA 1300bar Each gun is subjected to test 1300 bar high pressured special test cartridges then it’s marking and sending to functionality test steps.
barrel The Marabored Barrel® reduces the friction between the tube and shots. So the shots in flight is much more optimized and shots patterns. It’s simple less recoil, speed uniform and shots easily. ejector End of the traditional stamped ejector system. The Removable Ejector ® system offer to disassembling and cleaning ejector of your gun with new design. safety The removable trigger ® comes with new features in shotguns. Take the trigger group out and keep the gun safe in bar or living room. Besides the cross safety system of gun, you can use this new easy and safe feature with peace of mind. Out & Safe. sofrouch A special silk touch feeling is given to all surfaces with a special Softouch finish. Easy cleaning and extra comfortable handing in shootings marapro We created the Interchangeable high-tech Marapro chokes ® to have better shots pattern and optimization of barrel weight. It gives higher load speed, better performance on pattern. truglo The sights are TRUGLO sights. Best targeting performance in all condition shootings.
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